Synecom: Official distributor in Italy

GIS SF6 flange sealing system



  • A unique system for sealing SF6 leaks on GIS systems of any brand.

  • Custom built and adaptable to all situations.

  • Can be applied with the system powered!

  • Can be easily removed without damaging the equipment.


It consists of a double-layer system that covers the flange where the leak occurred.
-The first layer is made of PVC and serves to cover and protect the entire flange, including gaskets, bolts and screws. At the same time, it collects and concentrates the SF6 leakage at a single point at the top (= the valve).
-The second rigid layer is made of PET formed from a special resin (R3X85).

Thanks to the first layer of protection, the resin does not affect the flange, gaskets, bolts and screws.
The product can be easily removed without damaging the equipment.


All installations will be carried out by Synecom licensed and certified technicians.

Can be installed on a live plant: no plant shutdown required.

Thanks to Synecom technicians who are NDT LT EN ISO 9712 level II and III certified, we are able to certify the leakage rate of the system post installation of REFLANGEKiT® in order to demonstrate the absence of SF6 gas leakage.

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