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Today we have a problem with SF6 and we’re going to have it fot the next 40 years

The SF6 gas (Sulfur Hexafluoride) is among the most impacting gases on the greenhouse effect but, at the same time, a very valuable ally in the energy field and not only. Applying alternative solutions quickly is impossible: in the meantime it is necessary to treat it as carefully as possible. Synecom, which has always been committed in fighting the climate change, works in these ways:

Sustainability3: economic (circular economy), environmental and social
Emissions’ reduction through: constant training of personnel, SF6 gas regeneration and R&D
• Development of innovative solutions with Leak Test certified Molecular Seal Valves


Regeneration: the only long-term sustainable solution

SF6 gas regeneration is the heart of our business as it’s today the only long-term sustainable solution for companies.

Synecom regeneration plant is able to regenerate:
decomposed SF6 gas
strongly decomposed SF6 gas
heavily contaminated with air or humidity SF6 gas

Through special filtering systems and cryogenic treatment cycles, the Synecom regeneration plant allows to purify the SF6 gas bringing it to purity levels equal to or higher than the new one.

6 benefits

Why to consider the Integrated Cycle

The 6 customer’s benefits on considering the Integrated SF6 Regeneration Cycle

1. A single partner to manage all the SF6-related issues
2. Be autonomous in Recycling your gas without stopping the plant (extending its life)
3. Reduce costs and simplify the management of SF6 end-of-life
4. Insert “green* gas” in the equipment for refilling
5. Simply manage your own equipment
6. Get the information you need and certifications required

* the regeneration process is much greener than production of new gas and you don’t need to burn used gas as well


About Synecom

Synecom was the first and still the only company on the market to offer an Integrated SF6 Regeneration Cycle

Our areas of expertise are:
• Applications for high and medium voltage GIS and AIS
• Research in the field of particle accelerators for energy and industrial purposes
• Strong and constant presence in the production, transmission and distribution of energy

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We collaborate with major global players in energy and innovation

We address research institutions, laboratories, utilities and industries, with important customers in the field of energy and F-Gas, such as INFN, CNR/RFX, JAEA, ITER, F4E, CERN, KEMA-CESI, TERNA, ENEL, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB and HITACHI.

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