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About Synecom

Synecom is a specialised company involved in technological innovation for energy purposes on an international scale focusing on the following field: management and handling of SF6 gas (sulphur Hexafluoride), applications for high and medium voltage GIS and AIS and research in the field of particle accelerators for energy and industrial purposes.

This is achieved through a constant presence in the sectors involving the production, transmission and distribution of energy on a wide scale.

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Fight against climate change

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
(Chief Seattle)

Synecom has always been active in the fight against climate change: the main goal is to focus on the concepts of green economy and circular economy.

We are on a strategy to reduce our own emissions and those of our customers. The strategy includes continuous training of staff, regeneration of SF6 gas and continuous efforts to develop products that offer integrated solutions for our customers.

To achieve this goal, we produce zero-emission products through the use of special molecular seal valves: all our products are Leak Test certified.

Training courses

We share our Know How

Our experience is useful to those who work with SF6 gas (sulphur Hexafluoride), high/medium voltage equipment and particle accelerators.

We provide training course on SF6 gas in preparation for obtaining the FGAS licence according to EU2066 and training course for technicians working with high/medium voltage electricity, particle accelerators and vacuum chambers.


Products SF6


We collaborate with major global players in energy and innovation

We address research institutions, laboratories, utilities and industries, with important customers in the field of energy and F-Gas, such as INFN, CNR/RFX, JAEA, ITER, F4E, CERN, KEMA-CESI, TERNA, ENEL, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB and HITACHI.

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