Technological innovation for the protection of the environment

Who we are

Our Know-how

The company’s core business is the management of Sulphur Hexafluoride gas, which is the most widely used gas on a global scale for electrical insulation purposes: it is mainly used in high and medium voltage electrical equipment, GIS and AIS and for applications related to particle accelerators.

We supply specialist products and services to research organisations, utilities and industries, with the aim of optimising potentially environmentally damaging processes and improving quality and safety levels, achieving the standards for which Synecom stands out in the market.

Research and Development

We believe in Invest for a Change

Continuous investment in research and innovation are key drivers of our growth, enabling the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing technologies for handling and manipulating SF6 gas.

As part of the worldwide ITER project dedicated to civil nuclear fusion research, we are awarded contracts through the RFX Consortium, JAEA-QST and F4E for the installation and testing in Power Supply in NBTF (Neutral Beam Test Facility), for the development, installation and testing of the SF6 gas distribution system in MITICA, for the co-production, installation and testing of the cryogenic fluid distribution piping system, both vacuum and conventional.

Synecom Synecom supports university research as a starting point for the development of innovative technologies. For this reason, it is sponsoring a PhD at the University of Padua entitled “Development of gas insulated high voltage components for Neutral Beam Injectors (NBI)” in collaboration with Ghent University.

Our focus

Quality and customer service

Synecom is a strategic partner for the energy sector in which it concentrates its resources on developing high-tech products, systems and services.

The goal is to create customised systems that operate with sulphur hexafluoride gas on AT/MT AIS and GIS plants and on particle accelerators dedicated to energy nuclear fusion research.

Our customers include large utilities such as TERNA, international companies such as SIEMENS, ABB, ENEL, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, HITACHI, and world-renowned institutes such as INFN, CERN, CNR/RFX, JAEA, ITER, F4E and KEMA-CESI.

Based on many years of experience, Synecom creates tailor-made solutions by putting the customer’s needs at the heart of the project, paying particular attention to environmental, legislative, regulatory and feasibility aspects, using state-of-the-art means and equipment and a team of specially trained professionals.

Through internal training and development plans, Synecom invests resources in order to raise the quality level of its services and technological solutions.

Synecom for safety

Our slogan: “Safety First”

Synecom has always been careful to comply with the strictest safety regulations. The recent achievement of ISO 45001/2018 certification has consolidated a path undertaken since the company was founded.

Our safety standards, which are always guaranteed both in the factory and at the operational sites, are reflected in the continuous training of employees, a high level of care and predictive study of activities, preventive maintenance of equipment, supervision of the working environment and constant awareness of safety and environmental criteria among staff and suppliers.


We work according to regulations

The certification and qualification of our own skills is an indicator of our desire for growth and development.
In order to grow with organised formats that allow us to offer the best, over the years we have worked towards the following qualifications:

  • Quality: ISO 9001/2015
    (Quality regulations)
  • Environment: ISO 14001/2015
    (Environmental regulations)
  • Safety: ISO 45001/2018
    (health and safety at work regulations)
  • SOA (cat. OG 10, cl. IV)


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