Activities & Services SF6

SF6 gas analysis

SF6 gas quality analysis

Synecom offers analysis and certification services for SF6 gas contained in cylinders, equipment and tanks, classifying it according to CEI 60376 and CEI 60480, and measuring the following parameters: H2O, SO2, % vol SF6, HF, H2S, CO, CF4, N2, O2, H2, CO2. This activity allows companies to reach the standards set by the European Union for SF6 gas, and to maintain high levels of efficiency and safety in their plants. The service can be provided either at our facility or directly at the customer’s operating sites.

Recovery and Refilling
Gas SF6

Thanks to its own qualified technicians and the latest generation of equipment, Synecom works to recover SF6 gas from high/medium voltage equipment and particle accelerators in full compliance with current regulations and up to the standard pressure, or up to the transport pressure.

All SF6 gas recovery operations must be preceded by SF6 gas analysis. All work is carried out by qualified and licensed technicians and declared on the Fgas database in accordance with the new Presidential Decree 146/2018.

Service Activity

Thanks to decades of experience and the continuous training of its technicians, Synecom works to carry out service activities on Synecom and other brands of equipment for handling SF6 gas.
The activities carried out are as following:

  • Revision of equipment
  • Retrofit: adapting obsolete equipment to new standards
  • Repairs
  • Recalibrations and settings

Vacuum treatment

Once the maintenance operations on the equipment have been completed, before refilling it with SF6 gas in technical quality, it must be cleaned of air and moisture. The techniques used by Synecom are the following:

  • High air vacuum
  • Washing the compartment in nitrogen (not always necessary)
In order to be able to carry out these operations, Synecom uses equipment specially designed for this purpose.

Certification of plant leakage levels

Synecom is equipped and qualified to draw up certifications attesting to the level of SF6 gas leakage on systems and equipment containing this gas. The tests are carried out using specific high-sensitivity instruments.

Reclamation of environments contaminated by SF6 gas or by-products

When Sulphur Hexafluoride gas is subjected to the action of an electric arc, the molecule is decomposed into solid and gaseous decomposition products.

This intervention is performed by qualified and licensed technicians and must be reported on the Fgas database in accordance with the new Presidential Decree 146/2018. The reclamation can only be considered completed once the inertization of the acid waste and reagents has been carried out.

SF6 gas management in end-of-life equipment

The management of SF6 gas contained in end-of-life equipment is generally carried out by Synecom in three main operations:

  • Analysis of the sulphur hexafluoride gas contained
  • SF6 gas recovery
  • Shipment of the equipment to the dismantling site and subsequent dismantling of the equipment.
For sealed systems, i.e. all equipment for which there is no treatment of the SF6 gas contained during its entire life cycle, Synecom uses qualified and licensed technicians that use a specific perforating system.

These operations are executed by qualified and licensed personnel and reported on the Fgas database in accordance with the new Presidential Decree 146/2018.

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