Particle accelerators and NBTF NBI lines

Operiamo nel progetto mondiale ITER

Synecom works on NBI/NBTF power systems for particle accelerators dedicated to industry and research.

A particle accelerator is a machine whose purpose is to produce beams of ions or charged subatomic particles, which are then made to collide with each other at high kinetic energy in the form of shocks.
To work on these machines, it is essential to have a high level of qualifications, certifications and knowledge of vacuum technology, high voltage, technical and cryogenic gas management, insulation techniques, control of magnetic fields and many related phenomena.

Synecom has gained significant experience in all these areas, becoming, for several years now, a first level partner in the ITER world project dedicated to research and development on nuclear fusion for civil use, dealing with the installation and testing of the NBTF line in the MITICA project at the PRIMA site in the CNR in Padova.

Synecom holds several contracts, related to this type of tecnology, with major international laboratories such as: the RFX Consortium, the Japanese Atomic Agency (JAEA/QST), Fusion for Energy (F4E). In addition, Synecom has a contract with ITER which is the major international reference in the field of nuclear fusion experimentation. It also is a consortium composed of the European Union, Russia, China, Japan, the United States of America, India and South Korea.

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