Gas SF6
Sulphur Hexafluoride

Sulphur Hexafluoride is a synthetic gas consisting of 6 fluorine atoms gathered around a centrally positioned sulphur atom: this structure makes SF6 gas chemically and thermally stable. Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, sulphur hexafluoride is an excellent, inert, non-toxic insulating gas whose dielectric strength is approximately 2.5 times than air. Its main use is as an insulator and arc extinguisher in high-voltage switchgear.

Due to the fact that SF6 is one of the main greenhouse gases, it is subject to monitoring: the Italian Government, through Presidential Decree 146, introduced the Fluorinated Gases Database, whose purpose is to effectively monitor fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions, in order to verify progress towards emission reduction targets.


SF6 gas supply

Synecom is able to supply new/regenerated SF6 gas in technical quality according to IEC 60376 with purity grades ranging from 99,97% (gas SF6 3.7N) up to 99,995% (gas SF6 4.5N).
The SF6 gas supplied by Synecom fully complies with the minimum purity requirements of IEC 60376/2018(ed.3) of 98,5%


Synecom provides the following services for cylinders suitable for SF6: gases

  • Supply of cylinders suitable for holding new/regenerated SF6 gas with relevant certificate of conformity
  • Supply of cylinders suitable for used SF6 gas with certificate of conformity
  • Removal of residual SF6 gas from cylinders. After this operation, there are 3 possible solutions:
    1. Return of the SF6 cylinder at atmospheric pressure.
    2. Cylinder return to vacuum at p<20 mbar absolute.
    3. Return of cylinder filled with new/regenerated sulphur hexafluoride gas.
  • Re-certification of cylinders: this service is offered in cooperation with specialised partners.
  • Cylinder scrapping



“For the purpose of carrying out installation, servicing, maintenance or repair of equipment containing or whose functioning relies upon, fluorinated greenhouse gases for which a certificate or attestation is required, fluorinated greenhouse gases shall only be sold to and purchased from companies holding the relevant certificates or attestations or from companies employing persons holding a certificate or training attestation.”[regulations 517 art. 11 and 6]

Synecom offers specific training courses in this regard.

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