Monitoring System

What it is and what it does

Monitoring System

The F-Green monitoring system, patented by Synecom, is dedicated to SF6 gas and F-Gas. It ensures in a single technological solution aspects related to maximum environmental protection, monitoring, event dating, reporting and prevention of failures of high voltage installations (GIS, AIS, SF6 HVDC cable heads) and particle accelerators.


Status parameters

F-Green is equipped with the latest generation of sensors capable of independently monitoring Dew Point values/humidity of SF6 gas, compartment temperature and pressure.

By means of accurate analyses, it is able to prevent plant breakdowns and/or deterioration in plant quality, thus avoiding the risk of blackouts or excessively costly repairs and maintenance.

Leakage detection

Leakage detection

An algorithm processes the status parameters detected by the sensors and forecasts the leakage trend of the facilities.

Here below you can find the benefits of the F-green monitoring system:
-preventing extemporaneous failure of installations;
Preventing deterioration in the quality of installations;
-to better plan the real life and life expectation of the pressure sealing parts in order to reduce SF6 gas leakage to the atmosphere.


Remote connection

F-Green is designed to be managed remotely based on customer needs and is expandable to smartphone and tablet platforms.

For users and systems that are not externally interconnected, a GSM data card is provided.

For users who need to collect data from several plants where F-Green systems are installed, it is possible to monitor and interact on a plant-by-plant and generate cumulative reports on the status of the plants.

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