2 February 2021

Synecom and Terna Rete Italia together against climate change: Closed-Cycle Management of SF6

The Project

Sulphur Hexafluoride is an insulating gas used in the equipment serving the National Transmission Grid.

SF6 losses are the main source of direct emissions of Terna Rete Italia. The Closed-Cycle Management of SF6 project, in collaboration with Synecom, is part of Terna’s general commitment to reducing atmospheric SF6 gas emissions, through the complete reuse of gas via regeneration.

This makes it possible to minimize disposal and resulting dispersion of the gas into the atmosphere.

Specifically, the project involves transfer to Synecom of SF6 gas withdrawn from equipment and no longer suitable for reuse (due to impurities above the limits set by standard CEI EN 60480) for the regeneration and reuse of the gas in the same equipment.

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