SF6 Integrated Filter

SF6 Integrated Filter by Synecom allows the purification and dedusting of SF6 gas. Depending on the mixture of filtering products inserted, it is possible to accurately remove moisture and gas decomposition products such as SO2, HF, H2S.

COD. ACC101-01

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • 01

    Compatible with Active and Pure

  • 02

    Replaceable without stopping and without gas removal

  • 03

    Two or more filters can be arranged in series or in parallel to improve the efficiency of the purification process

Technical specifications

The filter is certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive
(PED 2014/68/CE).

  • Dimensions

    L 740 mm; W 120 mm; H 210 mm

  • Weight

    20 kg

  • Maximum pressure

    50 bar

  • Colours

    Yellow RAL 1016 matt
    Black RAL 9005 matt

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